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Infinite Possibilities with Play Dough & Accessories Online

Let your little one's imagination run free with inspiration through colours, textures and smells - all with our handcrafted kids’ play dough. Watch as they enjoy infinite possibilities, with hours of fun that combines learning and the use of natural and luxurious materials. There are no boundaries when it comes to open-ended possibilities. With the unique scents of our playdough online, they’ll be delighted by flavours of bubble gum, strawberry, toffee and pure magic.

Growing up creating and shaping dough, pretending we had our own cooking shows and producing masterpieces, are fond memories; we want other children to enjoy an exciting adventure of their own. With each order made for individual customers, it's important to us that it's safe around little fingers and mouths, which is why it is made from food-grade materials.

Our Play Dough Celebrates Curiosity and Imagination

Our team is passionate about the vibrancy and delight of products that engage the senses of children. With our collection, they are ready to be squished, poked, patted, squashed, rolled, and pulled - the only limit is your little one's imagination.

Play dough is perfect for little hands and minds to make anything they can think of from birthday cakes to adding natural objects and creating landscapes. Which one will become your child's favourite? Will it be from the classic range that’s been a crowd-favourite from the very beginning or one of our mystery bundles where the element of surprise only adds to the fun?

During this process, your child's fine motor skills are not only being developed, but their imagination is carefully shaped through textures and natural materials. We also stock a range of accessories to accelerate the experience for them, including:

Each item is safe for your curious tots, especially those little minds that still like to explore by putting things into their mouths. With proper storage and care, the items will continue to enrich their curiosity and remain soft for anywhere up to 12 months.

Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Creative kids

Not sure what to buy your kids friends or your nieces and nephews for their next birthday? Some of the best gifts you can give for special occasions, holidays or just because aren't necessarily the big ones. Choosing something special from our collections means you are gifting items that are more unique than you can pick up than those at the shopping centre. With the range of colours and accessories, there is an option for every interest that you can buy for every tiny human.

You are welcome to explore our range of items and buy a guaranteed gift to bring effortless joy every time. Our small jars are packed with hours of fun that not only the kids will love, but mum and dad too! Not keen on mess? Our mats and aprons help keep inquisitive creators clean while they serve up their formations on plates as potions with sticks and buttons.

But mummy....

It's So Much Fun!

We know how kids love their play dough... That's right - EVERYWHERE!

Keep your creative ones a little cleaner, no matter what they're making.

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