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Kids’ Play Aprons

We believe our range of toddler aprons are a unique and fun way to incorporate exciting play into your children’s routine. They are unique and help keep your creative tot clean when exploring with our dough, cooking in the kitchen or even enjoying a snack. We love that these designs are made out of vegan leather, making them much more animal-friendly than traditional leathers.

Nothing is complicated about these toddler aprons, either; they are purposely designed to look simple. There are no bells or whistles, but they do the job they are set out to do, keeping your little one clean when they enjoy a session of free creativity. Your mini can make messes while their clothes are protected, and they look simply sweet in these minimalistic designs.

Made in a Japanese style, these vegan leather kids’ aprons come with great features, including:

  • No adjustments needed so perfect for growing children;
  • Available in sizes 1-5 and 5-12;
  • Front pocket to store tools, fun little play dough accessories or even kids’ playdough;
  • Come with a cotton bag for easy storage or to take on the go with you;
  • Are available in a variety of colours – choose from Nero, Ash, Buttermilk, Dusk Blue, Fawn, Walnut and Flamingo.

The toddler and kids play smocks are easily cared for and can be wiped down with a warm damp cloth, so easy that your littlest humans can do it themselves with a little assistance from their grownup.

When it comes to ease, putting them on is so simple, either one arm at a time or straight over the head; requiring little to no assistance from and teaching them skills of independence.

Adorable and affordable

Are you looking for adorable and affordable gifts? Our Australian handcrafted cover is simply delightful that when paired with some of our other range make a well-put-together present to celebrate fun-loving children (and adults!).

We love that they are long-lasting and can be passed down through the family, which means they are not only beautiful but also functional and retain their feeling of luxury.

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Have you had a chance to explore our website? Our collection is designed to go hand-in-hand with this nifty product. For example, our Mess Mats are not only great to use for your children when they are experimenting with our sensory doughs, but are ideal for pairing with smocks and a picnic, which can be easily wiped down after use. Many of our items come with a cotton bag, making out-and-about portability simple.

It is important to us that we bring you versatile products and we believe we will achieve this with our collection. Enjoy hours of fun in our gear that takes your children's imagination and creativity and elevates it with hours of exploration. Meanwhile, enjoy peace of mind that your child’s clothing is kept clean(ish); because half the fun is had in the messes they can make.

Enjoying browsing through our collections and we love hearing from you if you have any questions about our products, shipping or you just want to say hi.