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4 products

Children's Floor Playmats

We get it, getting creative with kids’ playdough can get messy, especially when you start adding some fun accessories like sprinkles and confetti. Yet, when your little one starts poking, squishing, sculpting, and exploring, there is so much learning that we know our children's floor mats and kids’ aprons are must-haves.

We understand that parents worry about dough or craft materials getting into the carpet, or even splashes of food when they are eating. Our coverings help eliminate this worry as they reach a large area while still leaving plenty of room for curious little creatives and their explorative messes.

You will fall in love with these luxurious designs inspired by a simple pallet and are curated and sourced within Australia to showcase what our local community has to offer. We sell products that we adore to use with our children, so we know they work for busy little ones and families to keep the little bits and pieces under control and easy to clean.

Our activity play mats for kids offer versatility and style

Who knew a kids’ activity playmat could be so stylish that you can have like colours for your aprons and covering, and even pretty closely with some of our dough’s hues. There is a lot to admire about this product that you will want several of these kept in the house and the car, so they are always handy. Their features include:

  • Excellent size at 1.3m by 1.3m;
  • Comes in a hemp carry bag for storage and easy transportation;
  • Can be used on the ground, over a table or outdoors;
  • Is in a variety of colours including Flamingo and Nero; and
  • It is made of easy to clean vegan leather.

Just when you thought these coverings couldn't get any better, there is something we love the most about our floor mats, and these are the hooks on each corner of the reverse side. They anchor into the ground if you wish or hang it from a hook on the wall so you can grab and go when you need to. Do you know what this means? No more flying away in the wind when your tots are galavanting around outdoors or you are enjoying a family picnic.

Shop now for a fast turnaround

Did you know there is no wait for our vegan leather stock? Unlike our playdoughs which take a couple of days to make and send, we can get our other pieces to you straight away so you can keep those spills under control.

We invite you to enjoy browsing through our collections of affordable and quality items unique to our online store. You can be sure that you are being offered the highest quality materials that are functional and look beautiful in their simplicity. When you shop with us, our items are affordable, which means you can afford all your favourites.

We enjoy hearing from our customers whether you have a question about our products, shipping, or just want to say hello.