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Roll-up Pencil Case – Designed in Australia

There is something magical about opening The Amore Co. leather roll-up pencil case that is filled with 12 stunning blackwood pencils. The beauty is astounding to any artist whether your 5 or 105 and invites you to get creative. You and your tot won't want to wait to get some colour on the page.

These are great for storing a selection of mediums or charcoals and help with the development of children's fine motor skills, as they work to pull drawing implements out of the design.

If you enjoy beautiful things, we know you will love these holders that while they look stunning, they are also practical. They get filled with delicate and precious pencils that need to be looked after so that the leads stay intact and each colour is in one place together.

Leather roll-up cases for kids and adults

These designs make for the perfect storage solution for anyone in the family drawing tools. They not only keep everything in one place and compact, but are also:

  • Practical - Everything fits nearly away into a drawer, backpack or even a handbag for when you want to keep your children busy when out and about.
  • Easy to open and close - All that is required is to unclip and unwind then it lies flat on your surface ready to use.
  • Easy to organise - You can easily categorise each item by colour, which at a glance means you can choose the shade that you want.
  • Lightweight - Whether it's for your mini's hands or yours, being lightweight means, it's easily taken from place to place without adding much weight to your hands or bag.
  • It's SUPER cute - It not only looks fantastic, but the vegan leather is also silky-soft and feels pleasant to touch.

These cases come in four shades, including, buttermilk, fawn, dusk blue and walnut and match beautifully with our children's play mats and Japanese style aprons.

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We love bringing families products that inspire your mini and yourself to be creative and explore using various materials, including our drawing implement storage. It is essential to us that children can access products that encourage their natural curiosity and delight their senses and creativity.

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