6 products

6 products

We are excited to introduce Dough My Dear Slime!

It's everything you need and MORE

Slime is a wonderful progression for older kids after they're done with play dough. We strongly believe in the development of fine motor skills, along with muscle memory. Slime is a fantastic way to continue this development through play. 

When older kids are on their device how can you entice them off it? Slime!! We have made our first collection super fun with pretty pastel colour such as Peachy Keen and Bubblegum Blue.


We are offering four different varieties of slime, Cloud Slime, a light and fluffy texture that 'grows' as you play with it. Butter Slime, a putty like texture similar to our play dough and the 'least' messy! Glossy Slime, this high shine slime is a personal FAVE of mine, it a great once to poke and make ASMR bubbles with!! Lastly we have Floam Slime, the 'stickiest' of the slimes filled with foam balls and is PERFECT for the crunch that is so much fun when playing with slime!!


Slime is NOT recommended  for children under 3 years of age. Please note this should NOT be eaten. It may be a choking for young children.