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Play Dough Bundles and Kits  – Curated in Australia

Fall in love with the little extras that you can get to add value to your children's play dough experience. We have curated kids and bundles that enhance their learning by using texture and handcrafted pieces that are safe for little hands and curious mouths.

There is no run-of-the-mill type of products in our store, and everything has been designed to be unique and to add a touch of excitement to your child's play dough adventures.

We believe that toys don't need to be complicated and the simpler they are, the more likely little ones have room to think about sculpting and creating their inventions; give them the chance to use their imagination. Our mission is to continue meeting the creative needs of tiny humans whose minds are growing, and the world around them is inspiring them.

Play dough Kits for the home or classroom

Unlock your little one's potential so their imagination can be taken to another level at home or in the classroom with our selection of accessories. Not only are you enhancing small humans’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but kids and adults of all ages can also use them as a calming effect, especially when kneading texture in with the trinket trios. Art therapy, anyone?

Fun games can be played by discovering the lumps and bumps that you can add to the squishy and silky-smooth play dough – the possibilities are endless.

Even though children can explore and shape dough into anything, using other objects(such as natural materials), encourages them to take a different look at what they are doing and investigate further.

You will appreciate that our goods have a contemporary look and feel and:

  • Let little minds grow;
  • Encourages the investigation of different textures and smells;
  • Made out of natural materials;
  • Are non-toxic; and
  • Are handcrafted.

We use natural materials like wooden rollers coated with beeswax because it's essential to us that our products are safe and toxin-free; we also care about what is coming into the environment so do not use plastics. This means your tiny humans can easily shape, roll and press with their implements and you can be sure that they aren't going to break easily. Endless fun and little messes can be shared, knowing there are hours of entertainment ahead.

Explore our extensive range

You are invited to browse our website and find a selection of play dough tools and accessories that will enhance your child's activity. Nothing beats the quality and feel of these durable tools and opens up the imagination and their inspiration flowing.

Online you will find a selection of other fun products, including, pencil rolls, kids’ floor mats and aprons which take care of all the little messes. We regularly feature discounted items and a variety of payment options, including Afterpay, so your little one doesn't need to wait for their imagination to go wild!

We welcome your questions about our products, delivery or to say hello.