How To

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Here are some tips on how to store your Play Dough and Slime that will help extend the shelf life!

Three simple steps to start:

1) Clean a hard surface such a a table top

2) Make sure you've washed your hands!

3) Pull your Dough My Dear Slime and/ or Play Dough out of the container, and let the FUN begin.


Play Dough

  • Keep Dough My Dear play dough out of direct sunlight 
  • Store your Dough My Dear play dough in a cool dry place like a cupboard
  • Keep your Dough My Dear play dough in an air tight container such as the glass jar it arrived in
  • It may smell good enough to eat but it should not be consumed 
  • All Dough My Dear play dough contains Gluten/ Wheat 
  • Some Dough My Dear play dough may contain Nut due to scents 


  • Keep Dough My Dear slime out of direct sunlight
  • The primary ingredient of slime is Glue 
  • Dough My Dear slime is made using a Borax activator 
  • The more often you use your slime the longer it will last 
  • Dough My Dear slime should be discarded after 6m

How to Fix Deactivated SLIME

Start with a clean glass/plastic/ stainless-steel bowl

Pour the deactivated slime into the bowl 

Spray your activator directly onto the slime, depending on how runny your slime is you may need several pumps.

Slowly kneed the slime back together, it WILL be VERY sticky at first however as the activator starts to work you will see it come together. 

Be sure to kneed well before adding more activator or you may OVER activate your slime.


Slime and Play Dough are fun educational tools to help develop and continue development of muscles within your child's hands, however these are MESSY toy, there should always be adult supervision and protective garment such as an apron or older clothing will help avoid too much mess.

Most of all have FUN!!

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