Mess Mat Flamingo
Mess Mat Flamingo
Mess Mat Flamingo
Mess Mat Flamingo

Mess Mat Flamingo

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Kids’ Messy Play Mats

Made from toxin-free vegan leather, this large play mat is designed to be laid down before things get messy.

From our family to yours, we know you want to encourage your child’s learning time without having to clean up after. Our team has designed and created a safe and easily transported design that can be used at home or on the go, helping to keep your floors safe from messy fun and outdoor play. The mat also comes packed in a lightweight cotton hemp bag, so you can set up a fun area for your kids wherever you go.

With all our items created in our company values in mind – sustainable, safe and toxin-free – you can rest assured that little hands and mouths will be free from harsh chemicals and materials, even when on the road.

Getting Creative in the Kitchen: Large Play Mats for Kids

These products are designed to protect even the hardest wearing floors from the antics of activity time. At Dough My Dear, we’re all about the fun that comes with hands-on learning – without the consequence of cleaning up afterwards.

From your littlest family members all the way up to school-aged kids, you can set up a designated zone that protects floors and people from snacks, wet grass, finger paints and more.

Our large products  have been created to complement our collection for use both at home and on the go – whether in the kitchen for the first time, or on your next great adventure.


The mat is 1.3m x 1.3m

*To clean the vegan leather a warm damp cloth will do the trick, this fabric is not designed to be washed or soaked as it can damage the fabric.